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The vision thing

I'm not one for mission statements, so I'll just say what I think I can offer you that few others can, and that's a combination of fascination with how surveys are done, and how they might be done better - mainly learned from attending (and giving papers at) over 20 ESOMAR, AAPOR, WAPOR and MRS conferences, plus dozens of evening lectures and day courses - and practical experience of actually doing surveys for nearly 40 years.

There are all sorts of things that sound very good when you hear about them in the abstract, but that will never work in practice for a whole variety of reasons, many to do with neither interviewers nor respondents being robots.

Speaking of which, I spent three months interviewing people face to face when I first started in research, and have carried on interviewing in small amounts ever since, so I really do know what life is like for interviewers. You can avoid a lot of basic survey errors that way

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Degree in history from Cambridge. Joined NOP as a graduate trainee in 1977, and stayed there (now called GfK) till 2017. Simple huh?

To fill the space I'll tell you I'm a Fellow of the Market Research Society and  Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. I'm quite proud that I twice won the David Winton Award for the best technical paper at the MRS Conference, and that Manchester University Press asked me to write a book on opinion polls.

In my time I've worked on two British Election Studies, the British Crime Survey, Labour Force Survey, National Dwelling and Housing Survey, all the political and longitudinal studies detailed on the services page, Employer Skills Survey, Learner Destinations, and others too numerous to mention

Next Steps...

Pretty simple - you can email me at or ring/text me on 07770564664