What was your age last birthday?

That's probably the question I've asked most frequently across all my surveys. As for questions you might want to ask that's a bit more tricky. I'll add some more as they come to me

Can you do data collection and data processing?

Afraid not. But if you need a whole survey doing I'll be happy to design it for you, find a good agency to do the data collection and data processing for you, and then help you understand what it all means

How can you help me commission research?

Especially in social research, the worlds of client and agency are often very different. If you're clientside I can tell you what it is realistic to expect from an agency, and help you write an ITT that will minimise the chance of things turning out differently from how you'd hoped

Do I need a huge budget to hire you?

Only if you need me to do a huge amount of work for you. If you just want to buy a day's worth of advice that's fine.

Where did you get those wonderful photos on your website?

Wildlife and scenery pics all taken by my own fair hands with my trusty Canon