British Election Study 2015

I'm quite proud of this one. Not that I did it all of course - I had great colleagues and great interviewers doing most of the work - but quite a bit of the design was mine, as was quite a bit of the response maximisation work. Despite the general downward trend in response rates we managed to increase response to 56% (the comparable part of the 2010 BES achieved 49%) and the claimed voting behaviour was far closer to the actual result than any of the opinion polls


Papers, presentations, and a book

I've delivered conference papers at the MRS Conference four times (winning the best technical paper award on 50% of them), given papers at the annual conferences of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and World Association for Public Opinion Research more often than I can remember, and was invited by Manchester University Press to write a guide to opinion polls aimed primarily at politics students. It's out of print now, but still available on Amazon. (I recommend Alban books.)